S.5 Inter-class debate competition
2022-07-29 (Friday)
Category : Academic

S.5 Inter-class debate competition was held on 29 July 2022.

There are two debate competitions: 5A vs 5B and 5C vs 5D

The debate motion for 5A vs 5B was "Employees that work from home are more productive." and the debate motion for 5C vs 5D was "Employees mustn't use social media in the workplace."

Both debate matches were very exciting. The result was as follows:


5A  vs  5B

5C  vs  5D

The winning teams

Class 5B

Class 5C

Best debaters

5B 02 Harry Chan

5C Caleb Hon

The most popular speakers

5A Colin Lai

5C Caleb Hon

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