2021 RoboMaster Youth Tournament
2022-07-04 (Monday)
Leader : Mr Lam Wai Ching, Mr Ma Ho Ming
Category : Academic

RoboMaster is a brand-new format of robot combat competition in which participants form teams and engage in 4 VS 4 tactical shooting battles by operating their self-developed or modified robots themselves.

Multiple tasks are to be completed during the competition, including projectile reloading by the Engineer, automatic recognition and line inspection as well as activation of power runes by the Standards, and the breaking of base armors by the Aerial.

Our school team spent months equipping themselves for the RoboMaster 2021, modifying and programming the robots after school. No effort was spared in the thrilling tournament last October. Our team eventually ranked fourth in the group stage.

Our team members are as follows:

  • 5A Chan Lok Him
  • 5B Au Yeuung Kin To Hercules
  • 5C Fu Ka Ching
  • 6A Chan Kwun Shing
  • 6A Liu Tung Kuen
  • 6C Cheung Chuen Hung
  • 6D Chan Wai Ming
  • 6D Lee Justin
  • 6D Ho Tsz Ho
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