EDB STAR Network School Programme – Invited sharing delivered by the Chinese Language Department
2022-06-24 (Friday)
Category : Academic

The Chinese Language Department was honoured to be invited to attend the Year-end Talk of the "STAR Network School Programme" sharing our school-based experience. The Programme was co-run by the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority. Teachers participated in an Assessment Literacy Workshop and collected students’ assessment data of reading literacy on online platform. This is to examine student performance to provide feedback on learning and teaching design.

The talk was held on 24th June. Mr Chan Lik Hang, the Panel Head of the Chinese Language Department, and Ms Au Hiu Chun, a Form 4 subject teacher, represented our school to share their experience of utilizing data and planning assessments. Their contribution was acknowledged by Dr Lam Wai Ip and Dr Hui Sau Yan, the guest speakers from The University of Hong Kong. Our teachers also had invaluable exchanges with the other attendees. They have been invited to share their experience again on 27th July.

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