22nd June 2022 prize giving in Morning Assembly (English language)
2022-06-22 (Wednesday)
Category : Academic

22 students have participated in speech festival this year either solo verse or dramatic duologue. They have finished a training programme in summer and Term 1 and have achieved satisfactory results in the competition.

Solo Verse, Second Place:

  • 4D Wong Winston

Solo Verse, Third Place:

  • 3B Chan Joshua Jonathan

Solo Verse, Merit or Proficiency :

  • 1A Huzaif-Ur-Rehman
  • 1A Lu Matthew
  • 1B Wong Ting Hang
  • 1C Yuen Kun Hon
  • 3B Fong Sing Yi Ernie
  • 3B Yu Lok Aden
  • 4D Leung Yik Man

Dramatic Duologue, Merit or Proficiency:

  • 2B Li Hoi Yat
  • 2B Sze Yin Shun
  • 2A Chiu Yu Sing Martin
  • 2B Pang Ngo Yeung
  • 3A So Bo Cong
  • 3B Lam Ming Hang Anderson
  • 3A Lau Andre On Tzun
  • 3B Chan Siu Nam
  • 3A Lee Chun Yan
  • 3C Chan Isaac Hay Chung
  • 3A Szeto Jayden Wun Ching

Congratulations to all the winners.

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