The Extra-Curricular Activity clubs in 2022-2023

There are 40 ECA clubs in total:

  1. 7 Religious clubs
  2. 2 Music clubs
  3. 6 Services clubs
  4. 9 Sports clubs
  5. 16 Academic and hobbies clubs


Religious clubs

No. ECA club name Person(s) in charge When Where Link
A1 Altar Boys Sodality Fr. Antonio Leung Wednesday 202
A2 Catholic Students Sodality (Vocation Group) Chan Kar-kit Wednesday 203
A3 Catholic Students Sodality (Missionary Group) Chiu Chin-ting Wednesday 306 (Hall)
A4 Mary Help of Christians Sodality Tse Sui-fai (the vice principal)
Lee Pak-on
Wednesday 507
A5 Versiglia Sodality Leung Hau-man Wednesday 307
A6 Don Rinaldi Sodality Chung King-man
To Yuk-yin (the principal)
Wednesday 305
A7 Don Bosco Sodality Ng Hoi-ki Wednesday 409

Music clubs

No. ECA club name Person(s) in charge When Where Link
B1 Instrumental Ensemble Chau Ming-kwan Tuesday 413
B2 Music Society Chau Ming-kwan
Yam Bok Yin
On demand 413

Services clubs

No. ECA club name Person(s) in charge When Where Link
C1 17th HK. Scout Troop Man Chi-tao
Ho Ka-ho
Saturday 205 N/A
C2 Red Cross Society Chow Juon-yien
Chiu Kam-tong
Friday 205
C3 St. John Cadet Chung King-man
Choi Kin-hang
Friday, Saturday 204
C4 Library Club Lau Ngar-wei
Cheuk Ying-shan
Monday (noon) Library N/A
C5 Junior Police Call Cheung Siu-wun
Chan Ka-yu
Friday 401
C6 Multimedia Production Team Lam Wai-ching
Wong Kin-yung
Lau Kwok-cheung
Fung Chi-ho
Monday 514

Sports clubs

No. ECA club name Person(s) in charge When Where Link
D1 School Table-tennis Team Chan Yu-hong
Yeung Ping-wo
Lee Chuk-hei
Friday Covered playground
D2 School Football Team Chiu Kai-tung
Ko Chi-chong
Monday, Friday Out-school venues;
3/F Playground
D3 School Basket-ball Team So Hung-tak Friday, Saturday, Sunday Basket-ball field;
Covered playground
D4 School Volley-ball Team Leung Tak-hung Monday, Saturday Covered playground;
Out-school venues
D5 School Badminton Team Yim Cheuk-lun
Lau Kwok-cheung
Monday Out-school venues;
306 (Hall)

D6 Chinese Martial Arts Chiu Kai-tung Monday 306 (Hall)
D7 School Snooker Team Cheng Hiu-fung
Yiu Kwok-chun
Friday Covered playground
D8 Sports Club Leung Tak-hung On demand Sports room N/A
D9 Foosball Club Lau Chun-Ting
Wan Chun-hin
Friday Foosball machine field

Academic and hobbies clubs

No. ECA club name Person(s) in charge When Where Link
E1 Chinese Society Wong Chun-ming
Li Kar-wai
Yim Chi-hang
Wong Lai-yee
Leung Hiu-tung
Lam Yan-yan
Huang Zu-sheng
Friday 407 Clip 1
Clip 2
E2 English Society Hui Mei-fong
To Tin-yui
Yau Wan-sum
So Pak-hon
Chiu Yuen-fun
Chan Yuk-chun
Lai Yat-kin
Chan Ka-yu
Mr. Kevin John Tither
Friday 406
E3 Mathematics Club Yeung Ka-hon
Chan Yu-hong
Ching Wing-kin
Tsang Chin-ting
Ho ka-ho
Friday 403
E4 Science Club Liu Chau-keung
Wong Chi-kin
Man Chi-tao
Leung Tse-chung
Chiu Kam-tong
Choi Kin-hang
Friday 613 Phy
E5 Sow Garden Lee Hoi-yan
Leung Hau-man
Friday The garden at 1/F N/A
E6 History Club Chan Lik-hang Friday (noon) 514 N/A
E7 Shop Model Pau Sau-ping Day 6 (noon) 514
E9 Art Club Tan Siu-nam
Leung Tse-chung
Friday 207 (Art room)
E10 Drama Club Chan Yin-kun
Tse Tat-fu
Friday 405
E11 Chess Society Wong Siu-chun
Chong Tsz Ho
Friday 410
E12 Program Design Club Kwan Wa-chan
Chan King-san
Monday 414
E13 English Publication Club Wong Kai-sze
Chung Ting-Yin
Friday 402
E14 Robotics Club Ma Ho-ming
Lai Chun-yu
Friday 514
E15 Chinese Debate Team Lau Hiu-fung
Li Ka-yin
Au Hiu-chun
Monday 407
E16 Economic Society Lam Chun-lin Friday 404
E17 Japanese Club Cheng Tse-ching
Yuen Wai-hang
Friday 409


  1. How to apply an ECA club? Please follow this link to watch the clip.
  2. The Junior chorus, Senior chorus, Instrument class, "導航先鋒", Swimming team and the Athletics team are NOT counted as a part of the ECA.
  3. The students should pay attention to the information posted in Google Classroom. If the meeting is going to take place online, the teacher will post the relevant link at there before the event starts.
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