Guidelines for Activity Groups

Notes to Students

  1.  Taking roll call 
    Teacher advisors are to take a roll call on eClass in each meeting. Students are regarded as absent if they do not show up 15 minutes after the start of the meeting.
  2. Information for students
  • Students should arrive at the meeting venue before 3:45 pm, and they are not allowed to leave before 4:45 pm or without advisor’s permission. Students should follow advisor’s instructions in case of special meeting time.
  • If there is a clash between ECA meeting and other school activities, students should apply for a leave of absence by filling in a request form which is available in the school office. Students should ask the teacher-in-charge to sign and the form should be submitted to ECA advisors.
  • Parent’s letter should be submitted to ECA advisors before the meeting in case of personal leave. Follow regular application procedures in case of sick leave.
  • Detention is required for students who are absent without leave.
  • Students will receive a warning letter if they are absent without leave for 3 times. They would be graded an‘F’ on their report card under ECA performance if there is no improvement in attendance.
  • Students who achieved 80% of attendance (with no absence case without leave) would be awarded a certificate of attendance. Students with outstanding performance would be awarded a certificate of merit.
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