Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and students,

Welcome back to the Salesian Family.  For our new students and parents in this academic year, thank you for joining us at Salesian English School.

The flyover outside the school had been crashed broken since January this year, which did caused inconveniences to teachers and students.  In the past few months, the members of the Salesian English School Foundation Limited had been discussing the issue of rehabilitating the flyover with the Highways Department through various channels.  After several meetings, the project of rehabilitating the flyover was finalized and the rehabilitation works are anticipated to be completed in mid of 2019, and it will then be more convenient for us to travel to and from school.  Indeed, Salesian is a family.  We hope that students will often stay in this home to study, share, progress, and grow together.

This year is the first year of our 2018 to 2021 three-year development plan cycle.  The school theme of this cycle is “Knowledge brings confidence, Be salt and light of the world”, which is also our expectation for students in the next three years.  We hope to enhance students’ learning confidence and effectiveness through different learning activities and programs.  At the same time, we hope to guide students to show their talents that the Almighty God has given them through the companionship of the teachers, interactive listening and communications, thus enhancing their sense of responsibilities and self-care abilities.  Indeed, every educator should have a major mission to encourage and assist students to explore and make use of their potentials. To this end, we will continue to provide opportunities for students to participate in different types of activities, so that students can broaden their horizons and show their potentials, and increase confidence as well.  At the same time, we also hope that students can use their ability to contribute to society and serve others.  Jesus encourages us to be the salt for the earth and the light for the world.  The common point of salt and light, which silently plays an indispensable role, is to bring good influence and help to the things in the surroundings.  We encourage our students to be salt and light, just hoping that they can learn the "spirit of salt and light" and endeavor their best to serve others.

At the beginning of this academic year, we pray for the Almighty God to give our teachers and students the wisdom and health, to lead us in the pursuit of excellence in different areas and help us have encouragement to face new learning and new challenges through the assistance of the Virgin Mary and Don Bosco.

Ms. To Yuk Yin


1st September 2018

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