Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and students,

Welcome back to the Salesian Family.  For our new students and parents this academic year, thank you for joining us at Salesian English School.

Don Bosco said.” My dear youngsters, I love you all from my heart, and it is enough that you are young for me to love you very much.”  And we are adhering to the faith of Don Bosco to love and educate every young people.  In order to love young people and win their hearts, we need to understand their abilities and needs.  To well equip them, we need to guide and accompany them to progress in the areas of knowledge and personal integrity during their growth and help them plan their own future.  In the ends, teachers through the establishment of teachers-friends relationship become the life mentor of the students and accompany them in the course of learning and growth.

This is the third year of the 3-year School Development Plan.  Our school goal is still “Consolidation for Academic Excellence, Endeavour Through Life Planning”.  We will continue to focus on the different needs of our students, including academic, non-academic and growth development.  To achieve this goal, we have two major concerns and development directives to implement.  The first is to cater for different educational needs of students and to improve their learning abilities and results.  And the second is to help students carry out life planning and to actualise their values.  We are made according to the portrait of Gods, so each of us is unique and has different gifts.  We hope that we can provide appropriate care for each student based on their different potentials and needs and guide them to set goals, affirm their own abilities and pursue progress.  We also hope that parents can agree and collaborate with our goals and development directives.  The success of a school as well as the progress of each student depend not only on the efforts of teachers and students but also the parents’ participation and support which are indispensable.

“A good beginning is half the battle”.  At the beginning of this academic year, I hope that all the students will be able to set a goal for themselves, determine to head for the goal, and then endeavor the utmost efforts to attain the goal with a careful planning.  A positive attitude and regular reviews on the studies will be keys to success.

At the beginning of this academic year, we pray for the Almighty God to give our teachers and students the wisdom and health, to lead us in the pursuit of excellence in different areas and help us have encouragement to face new learning and new challenges through the assistance of the Virgin Mary and Don Bosco.

Ms. To Yuk Yin


1st September, 2017

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