The Feast of Mary Help of Christians and the Opening Ceremony of 70th School Foundation Anniversary
Date : 2021-05-21 (Friday)
Activity Category : Academic

On 21st May, we celebrated the Feast of Mary Help of Christians and the Opening Ceremony of 70th School Foundation Anniversary. Our Catholic teachers and students, alumni, parents and guests attended the mass and the ceremony in the school hall and other teachers and students celebrated via live streaming platforms.

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha Chi Shing and the Provincial of the Mary Help of Christians Province of China, Fr. Joseph Ng Chi Yuen, were invited to celebrate the Eucharist. Alumnus Mr. Julian Chan, alumnus and benefactor, Mr. Francis Leung and Former Vice Principal, Mr. Lai Kwok Wing, were invited to be the Guests of Honour for the opening ceremony.

In the homily, Bishop Ha shared examples of how our school showed our care to the community in the past 70 years, especially when the school provided shelters to fire victims in 1976. Throughout the years, our graduates serve in different fields and give back to the society, putting into practice our school motto 'Alere Flammam'. He reminded everyone to follow Mother Mary, who always turned to Jesus, and there will be miracles. In conclusion, Bishop Ha invited everyone to memorize the bible verse 'The mother of Jesus is "here"' (John 2:1).

The Opening Ceremony of 70th School Foundation Anniversary was held after the Eucharist celebration. Video of "The Days in Salesian" and the animated video 'The Sailing Salesian' were shown. Through the videos, we looked back at the history of our school and the important and precious moments we shared over the past seventy years, bringing out the theme of school anniversary "70 years of dream-making journey, our love sets sail into the future".

Following is the Guest of Honour's Address by our alumnus, Mr. Julian Chan. He shared how his teacher guided him to find his passion for music. He composed the school anniversary theme song "Building Dreams" to give back to his alma mater. Lyrics of the song were written by the former Vice Principal Mr. Lai Kwok Wing. Teachers, students, alumni and parents sang the theme song together to kick off the 70th Anniversary Celebration.

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