S.1 Orienteering Competition
Date : 2019-07-10 (Wednesday)
Activity Category : Academic
S.1 Orienteering Competition

Organizer: LAC Team

Date: 28/6/2019

Time: 10:00-12:00

Venue: School


S.1 Orienteering Competition was successfully held on the 28th June. The event aimed at encouraging both the student helpers and participants to use English outside of classrooms. There were a series of game booths in different classrooms organized by English, Mathematics and Integrated Science for all form one students to join. On that day, all form one students watched English film as a start for the event. Then, they are divided into twenty groups and went to different classrooms to play the games. There were seven game booths in different classrooms on that day and each game lasted for 10 minutes to avoid boredom. Our S.4 helpers provided timely help to both teachers and their S.1 counterparts. After the last game, all the form one students went back to their classrooms and their class teacher presented prize to the winning teams. The S.1 were totally absorbed in different games with great fun while the student helpers in the event showed their enthusiasm in helping their junior.

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