Cultural Week 2019
Date : 2019-05-15 (Wednesday)
Activity Category : Academic
Cultural Week 2019
Date:  2/5-3/5
Time: 12:40-13:10
Venue: School hall and badminton court 

The Cultural Week 2019 was successfully held from 2 to 3 May. The theme of the event was 'Discovering Africa' and the objective was to promote Africa through different subjects to expose our students to the music, landscape, history, language and economy of this large continent. The Cultural Week attracted over 150 participants. There were exhibition boards designed by 7 subjects and groups for students to enjoy. The highlighted event was the Mancala chess game taught by Mr. Ian in which participating students were awarded with an exclusive badge. Students participated were totally absorbed in different activities with great fun while the student helpers of the booth showed their enthusiasm in helping their junior.

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