The religious week
Date : 2019-04-10 (Wednesday)
Activity Category : Academic
The religious week

The religious week was organized from 25th February to 1st March, “Be a good peer’ was the theme of the week. It was hoped our students could learn how to accompany their peers.

The religious event included Wearing Cross Movement , Salesian Youth Catechesis and Action Song videos, Stall campaign, Hunger Lunch, Religious Gifts Sales and Sharing Session.

In the Carnival booths, nearly 200 students and teachers experienced how to be  good friends for others.

Moreover, The Altar Boys Sodality organized the Hunger Lunch. Students and teachers engaged in different career games in experiencing the lives of the rich and the poor. The proceeds will be donated to the Mainland children development program.

The theme of Salesian Missionary Week is “Spread the Gospel in whisper and reminders”. It introduced the Salesian Career training education in East-Asia, to let the youth learn a trade in making a better life and experience the love of God.

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