Past News
2024-01-20Scout service at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024
One leader and four team leaders from our school volunteered at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon on January 20 and 21. They assisted in distributing athletes' race packs, bibs, souvenirs, and other items, as well as managing luggage storage and crowd control on the race day.
2024-01-20My Motherland in My Eyes event
To deepen the understanding of our country among teenagers and encourage them to care about our society, the Eastern District Youth Development and Civic Education Committee recently held the "My Motherland in My Eyes" Youth National and Civic Education Day. Our school was invited to organize one of the booths, where our students led participants in making Chinese New Year decorations and experiencing the atmosphere of traditional Chinese festivals.
2024-01-19Flamma Cafe Music Hour
To support mental health week by the school, the Music Department and the English Department jointly organized an English singing performance "Music Hour" to encourage students to express their feelings and become resilient through music. Both the performers and the audience enjoy the event a lot.
2024-01-19Catholic Students Annual Retreat
On the evening of January 19, about ten Catholic students participated in the annual retreat to reflect on their faith life. They learned from the life of Saint Artemide Zatti how to live a disciplined life and make the most of the time and talents given by God to respond to His calling.
2024-01-15Snooker promotion activity
Mr. Marco Fu, a famous Hong Kong snooker player who has won the ranking championship three times and is ranked fifth in the world, visited our school for a snooker symposium. Mr. Marco Fu shared everything on his snooker career and promoted this sport. At the end of the event, Mr. Fu shared some instructions and rules on playing snooker.
2024-01-13Scout 17th Hong Kong Group 78th Investiture Ceremony
On January 13, our Scout, Cub Scout, and Venture Scout groups held a joint oath and promotion ceremony in the student activity room of Salesian School. Principal To Yuk Yin and Primary School Principal Chan Yuen Kee attended the event and delivered speeches, as well as leading a moment of prayer. During the event, team leader, leader and assistant leader badges were appointed and awarded to each squad leader, returning members took an oath, and new Cub Scouts were sworn in.
2024-01-13Visiting Organic Farm
The Spiritual, Moral and Civic Education team and Sow Garden organized a visit to a local organic farm, where students had the opportunity to experience the daily operations and agricultural activities of the farm.
2024-01-08Salesian School Campus Journalist workshop
The Gifted Education Group encourages students to have more comprehensive development opportunities and cultivate their interests. We have invited current professional reporters from Ming Pao to teach students the rules and techniques of filming, interviewing, and conducting face-to-face interviews to enhance their writing, interviewing, and information technology skills.
2024-01-05Life-wide Learning Day (Form 4) - Visit to Hong Kong Palace Museum
Students learned about the origins of Chinese culture through a special exhibition "Gazing at Sanxingdui: New Archaeological Discoveries in Sichuan".
2024-01-05Life-wide Learning Day (Form 4) - Visit to M+ Museum
Students learned about the uniqueness of fashion through a special exhibition "Madame Song: Pioneering Art and Fashion in China".
2024-01-05Life-wide Learning Day (Form 6) - Fresh Wave Movie Watching
The event includes the screening of "Before the Box Gets Emptied" and "The Homeless Ancestor", with a Q&A session with the directors, allowing students to understand the production process and hardships behind local films.
2024-01-05Life-wide Learning Day (Form 2) - Visit to Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Students learned about Chinese culture and Hong Kong history through visits to "Hong Kong Pop 60+", Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall, "A Man Beyond the Ordinary: Bruce Lee", Jin Yong Gallery, and "Timeless Diva: Anita Mui".
2024-01-05Life-wide Learning Day (Form 1) - Positive Psychology Campus Promotion Day
The Social Welfare Department has contacted 8 social welfare organizations to organize booth games for students, promoting mental health.
2024-01-01The 2024 Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Dance Festival
The 2024 Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Dance Festival featured 128 golden dragons parading through Tsim Sha Tsui, promoting the local dragon and lion martial arts culture and creating a tourism event for Hong Kong. To continue the festivities and add to the holiday atmosphere, the festival also featured lion dance performances.
2023-12-21Visit to Mai Po Nature Reserve
Explore the beauty of Hong Kong's wetlands and appreciate the natural environment by learning about different wetland habitats. Students will also participate in photography competitions organized by the school.
2023-12-21Christmas party
The Christmas celebration event was moved indoors to the school gym due to a cold weather warning. On that day, Fr. Leung led a religious ceremony and the Salesian Youth Sodality members organized a religious drama performance, creating a lively atmosphere. There were also student singing performances and a mass chorus by teachers and students. The finale was a big lucky draw, making the event even more exciting. After that, each class returned to their classrooms for class meetings, meals, and games.
2023-12-09Joint School Salesian Altar Boys Day
On the afternoon of December 9, four members of our Salesian Youth Altar Boys Sodality participated in the "Joint School Salesian Altar Boys Day" organized by the Salesian Youth Ministry Office. Through games and sharing, participants were reminded of the liturgical year and the proper attitude for altar serving. The event ended with everyone participating in the Second Sunday of Advent Thanksgiving Mass.
2023-12-08Activities after the Feast of Immaculate Conception
This year, we had booth activities after the Feast of Immaculate Conception, with more than 10 participating groups. Students were able to play games and exchange for food, including cotton candy, popcorn, and shiu-mai. There were also lucky draws for students to win prizes and have a joyful Feast of Immaculate Conception.
2023-11-21Music Festival
The Music Fortnight this year took place from 21st November to 30th November. We were honored to have alumnus and music educator, Mr. Anand Li, as the guest judge for the inter-class choir competition. Ms. Ko Ka Wai Jacqueline and Mr. Yam Bok Yin also served as guest judges for the individual and group music competitions. During the competitions, students showcased their talents bestowed by God and learned to appreciate and respect others while fostering a spirit of teamwork.
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