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2023-05-1722/23-140School Circular for June (Form 5)General
2023-05-1722/23-140School Circular for June (Form 4)General
2023-05-1722/23-140School Circular for June (Form 3)General
2023-05-1722/23-140School Circular for June (Form 2)General
2023-05-1722/23-140School Circular for June (Form 1)General
2023-05-1622/23-140 (REF1)Revision guide for Final Exam 2022-23 (Form 3)General
2023-05-1622/23-140 (REF1)Revision guide for Final Exam 2022-23 (Form 2)General
2023-05-1622/23-140 (REF1)Revision guide for Final Exam 2022-23 (Form 1)General
2023-05-1122/23-140 (REF2)Timetable for Final Exam of academic year 2022-23 (Form 4-5)General
2023-05-1122/23-140 (REF2)Timetable for Final Exam of academic year 2022-23 (Form 1-3)General
2023-05-1022/23-138Form 3 Mathematics testGeneral
2023-05-0922/23-137DSE 2024 Chinese Language SBA arrangementGeneral
2023-05-0522/23-136多元出路資訊Show 2023General
2023-05-0422/23-135Form 3 Combined Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) 2nd testGeneral
2023-05-0322/23-133Notice of medical monitoring for F.1DGeneral
2023-04-27genal(966)Admission requirement in 2024 after graduation from From 6 via JUPASGeneral
2023-04-2622/23-129School Circular for May (Form 5)General
2023-04-2622/23-129School Circular for May (Form 4)General
2023-04-2622/23-129School Circular for May (Form 3)General
2023-04-2622/23-129School Circular for May (Form 2)General
2023-04-2622/23-129School Circular for May (Form 1)General
2023-04-19家/10/23慈幼家長學院講座 -「當子女機不離手」家長支援小組(2023)General
2023-04-0422/23-124In and out mechanism for students promoting to Form 2 (F.1C, 1D, 1E)General
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