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  • Our school has founded Salesians English School Development Fund, a registered non-profitable charity organization.
  • In 28th March, the relic of St. Don Bosco arrived at school. Religious service was hosted by Fr. Simon Lam. Primary and secondary students and teachers celebrated the arrival through praying, singing and sharing.
  • Salesian English School Foundation was officially established on 24th May 2011. This organization is a non-profitable charity funded by our alumni. Under the big support of our old boys, eight million dollars has been raised. The aim of this organization is to sponsor the medical fees of Reverend fathers, scholarship, improve the learning environment, maximize the effectiveness of the school's learning and teaching environment and support the school evangelization activities and other school projects.
  • On 7th July, a group of teachers from Guandong, who were attending an in-service training course in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, came to our school to have an academic exchange.
  • In August, Salesian English School 60th Anniversary Commemorative Issue was published.
  • In September, our school has voluntarily joined the Voluntary Optimisation of Class Structure Scheme in order to facilitate sustainable development of secondary schools under the NSS academic structure.
  • The extension of Salesian House of Studies was about to begin. The school's playground was renovated. With the lower stone wall destructed, the extension required a year and a half to finish. Salesian House of Studies assisted to replan the playground upon completion.
  • Mr Wong Pak Lin, our graduate of 1970 was invited as an honorable guest to address the assembly and award certificates to the graduates of 2010-11.


  • In January, Hong Kong Education Bureau's Quality Assurance and School-based Support Division visited our school on 11th, 13th, 16th and 17th January to conduct a focus inspection on the use of English as the medium of instruction. The purpose of this inspection was to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of using fine-tuned medium of instruction in teaching. Education Bureau was generally satisfied with students' performance using the fine-tuned the medium of instruction.
  • The first English Speaking Day was held on 28th February 2012. The objectives were to enhance students' confidence in speaking English, to provide more opportunities for them to practise oral English beyond the classroom and to enhance their interview skills.
  • Students' first attempt to DSE received a satisfactory result. Over 90% achieved level 2 or above in all core subjects (Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies). The number of students getting level 2 was on average higher than the territory-wide standard in Hong Kong.
  • An establishment ceremony for the St John Ambulance was held on the 2nd September. In the meantime, the library club and the reading promotion team made their debut magazine "喜閱".
  • In September, Hong Kong Education Bureau's Quality Assurance and School-based Support Division sent the External School Review Team to our school on 15th, 17th- 19th and 24th September to assess our school's performance on four major areas (Management and Organization, Teaching and Learning, School's ethos and Students Support, Students' Performance). This inspection gave EDB an opportunity to have a better understanding of our school's approach in conducting ongoing school self-evaluation (SSE) which was used as guidelines for the school to amend or improve the school's development plan.
  • Last October, A 5-day inspection was carried out in our school by the Education Bureau. Its aim is to get familiar with our student's learning progress. Also, references on teaching efficiency were taken from the inspectors.
  • Since 2012, many changes have been made in our school. Father Yip Tai Ho has become the new Prefect of Religious Education while Father Leung Wai Choi has studied abroad. In addition, Principal Ms. To staged several Breakfast sessions in bid to provide parents a closer view with our school’s latest development.
  • Mr Kwok Chi Tak, our graduate of 1970 was invited as an honorable guest to address the assembly and award certificates to the graduates of 2011-12. In addition, Salesian English School Foundation funded eighty thousand dollars to students of the best academic performance, the best conduct and the best school service.
  • Chan Ming Tung, a Form 3 student of our school, participated in the National Teenager Snooker Final Competition in Wuxi and won the championship with an outstanding achievement of winning 3:1 matches.


  • In January, to echo the Year of Faith and the bicentennial of Don Bosco's birth, Religious Education Committee organized a 2-day pilgrimage to Macau. Participants were able to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith and the Don Bosco's charisma.
  • Many thanks to our NET - Ms. Jacqueline Heusdens and the English Ambassadors, "Everyday English" and "One Minute English" were first introduced in January. Students can thus learn English in a different way.
  • A camp for all Uniform Groups in our school was first organized during the Easter holiday by both The 17th Hong Kong Group Scout Troop and the Hong Kong Red Cross Unit 70.
  • "The Internship Program" was held on the 11th May by the Salesian Old Boy's Association. Prominent Alumnus from the 1969s and 1970s have taken the leading role in guiding students the road to internship so as to broaden their horizon. 1st Salesian Cup (A football and basketball invitational tournament) is held to serve as a platform to strengthen the relationship between the participating schools. Every player gave their best on the lively day to fight for the trophy and develop friendship.
  • In celebration of the bicentennial of Don Bosco's birth, Salesian Society, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the Sisters Announcers of the Lord organized a conference on the Preventive Education to share its concept and practice.
  • Mr Yu Yee Hang, our graduate of 1970 was invited as an honorable guest on the Speech Day to address the assembly and award certificates to the graduates of 2012-13. $60,000 was funded by the Salesian English School Foundation to award students who had excellent academic performance, good conduct and good service records.


  • F4C Chan Ming Tung took part in IBSF World U21 Championship from 8th May to 15th May in Emirates. With the leading snooker player in China, Ding Junhui and Marco Fu Ka Chun, it is a precious chance for him to be part of the competition at the young age of fifteen.
  • Alumni from the Class of 1980 have kindly donated 10 brand new ping-pong tables to us. The School Supervisor, Father Lam, together with the Alumni representatives, were cordially invited to the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  • "2014 Gala Dinner" was successfully held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 4th October, 2016. Mr. Aaron Kwok, our alumnus, was also given the "Outstanding alumni Award" that night. Altogether 60 tables of people joined the event and the proceeds amounted to 7 million dollars.
  • "English channel" and "Discovery Channel" were debuted on the school webpage since October. With the above alternatives offered, students may learn both English and Science effectively.
  • Mr. Chan Kwan, Our alumni, donated three Auto Spraying Systems to us. Students are thus provided a comfortable learning environment. The construction of these systems was accomplished on the 24th October.
  • The honourable guest of 2013-14 Speech Day was, graduate of 1983.
  • Prof. Lai Bo San Paul, our graduate of 1970 was invited as an honorable guest on the Speech Day to address the assembly and award certificates to the graduates of 2013-14.


  • 16 alumni from different work fields organized a talk on their careers on 2nd January for F.4 and F.6 students. It has strengthened students' understanding of different jobs and life planning.
  • To celebrate the 200th Birth of St. Don Bosco, our school united 5 other Salesians school to hold "DB200 Sports Day" on 29th January in Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground. the Regional Councillor of Salesian East Asia-Oceania, Fr. Klement and Provincial Rev. Fr. Lanfranco Fedrigotti officiated the event.
  • From 12th to 13th Feb, the Regional Councillor of Salesian East Asia-Oceania, Rev. Fr. Klement paid a visit to our school.
  • All teaching staff took part in Salesian Joint-school Staff Development Day. Fr. Andrew Fung on this occasion shared how to write the school development plan.
  • Election of Teacher Manager for 2nd IMC was held on 12th June. Mr Wan Pak Keung was elected Teacher Manager, Mr Tse Sui Fai being Alternate Teacher Manager. Parent Manager Election was held on the next day. Mr Ming Chun Sum was elected Parent Manager while Ms Yeung Lai Fong became Alternate Parent Manager.
  • We have successfully become a partner school of "A Fusion of Robotics and Chinese Cultural Arts", a scheme co-organized by the School of Engineering in CUHK and Hong Kong Technology Education Association .
  • To encourage students know better about Hong Kong from various reading activities, the Reading Promotion Team has introduced a new event "Salesian Reading Festival" with the theme "Reading Hong Kong" from April to July. Students are exposed to local literatures, history and social issues. The activities are as follows: Literary Walk in North Point, Book Fair, Writer's Talk by Mr. Kursk, Lunch Reading Club and Movie Appreciation.
  • In August, "Anti-allergic Rhinitis Mask" was prepared to participate in 48th Joint School Science Exhibition. We excelled the best to be awarded The Most Popular Booth out of 21 schools.
  • The School Library has received $100 million and $50 million in sponsorship from The Salesian School Foundation and Mr Chan Wing Kit, an old boy of 1980. The renovation project started in the summer of 2015.
  • In September, Rev. Fr. Matthew Chan was appointed to be the school chancellor and chairperson of IMC of 2015-16.
  • In October, Quality Assurance and School-based Support Division implemented focus inspection on Science Education Key Learning Area (Integrated Science, Physics and Chemistry). Inspectors offered comments on how to improve our work and found the school performance regarding the KLA was satisfactory.
  • The Opening Ceremony of Religious Activities Room, Gym Room and Self-study Room was on 6 Nov. Rev. Fr. Matthew officiated the ceremony, lots of parents, teachers and students took part in it.
  • Dr. Cho Nam Ng, our graduate of 1978 was invited as an honorable guest on the Speech Day to address the assembly and award certificates to the graduates of 2014-15.


  • To promote development of information technology, we took part in the Innovation and Technology Ambassador Scheme together with Salesian School (Primary Section). The scheme was organized by the City University of Hong Kong, and college students were sent to our campus to demonstrate programming and other latest technology. Our students could learn and pass on knowledge learnt.
  • On 17th January, old boys of Year 1978 presented the school with 10 brand new table soccer tables which are of international standard. The first Salesian Table Soccer Competition was held on that day.
  • 30th and 31st January were the 65th Anniversary Open Days of Salesian English School. On the first day, we had the Open Day Opening Ceremony. Original English Musical "Without Dream" debuted and was well-received. On the second day, we were glad to have the Representative of Salesians English School Foundation and other hounourable guests in the Consecration of the new School Library held by Rev. Fr. Matthew.
  • Mr. Lam Wai Ching received the "School Like Teacher Award" in the "School Like" Scheme organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. Mr. Lam has devoted himself to shooting creative and educational films with the Multimedia Team.
  • This year our Form 2 boys joined "Speak Out - Act Up! Improvised Drama Competition 2015 – 2016" organized by the EDB. Under the supervision of our two NETs, Mr. Tither and Ms. Tong, our students won the championship among many schools in this entry.
  • On 24th May, Phase One of the Salesians Heritage Corner was completed. We were honored to have Chancellor Fr. Matthew Chan to consecrate the project.


  • Our school participated in the 9th Young Astronaut Training Camp co-organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Astronaut Centre of China, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. Our student Tse Hoffman (4C) was screened and was one of the 30 final participants.
  • Our school's Robotics Society participated in the Six Arts by Technology Innovation Competition and the Robotics Intelligent DIY Competition. All participating students devoted themselves to the competition. In the end, they won the first prize in the Robotics Intelligent DIY Competition and the third prize in the Six Arts by Technology Innovation Competition. They performed well in both competitions.
  • Our school was awarded the Gold Certificate of Appreciation and the Bronze Award of District Commissioners by the Scout Association of Hong Kong. In addition, the Scout members of our school were also awarded the highest medal of honour of the Scout branch, the Chief Scout's Award. The Scout Troupe of our school was also awarded the Bronze Award of District Commissioners for the recognition of our Scout leaders' enthusiasm and encouragement to Scout members.
  • Our school's Chinese Debate Team was formed this year. The Chinese Debate Team won three consecutive victories in the 1st Citizens Cup Group Match and the first and second rounds of promotion in the Talent Cup 2017 Secondary School Group, beating St. Paul's Co-educational College and St. Mary's Canossian College.
  • In the 51st Joint School Science Exhibition, our school won "Most Popular Booth" with "Energuide" and Wong Chi Yin Nelson was awarded "Best Presenter".


  • On 7th September, the 53rd Swimming Gala was held at the Wan Chai Sports Ground. The guest was Dr. Ng Cho Nam, Chairman of the Old Boys' Association.
  • The "Diamond Life Project" kick-off ceremony cum parent-child barbecue event sponsored by the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation and co-organised by the Whole Person Education Foundation and our school was held in the afternoon of 28th October (Sunday). This project was designed by our alumnus Dr. Wong Chung Kwong. The goal was to help parents, teachers and students to live a diamond life through training and sharing.
  • The Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union held the first "History Carnival" on 23rd March with the theme "Democracy and Science" to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the "May 4th Movement". Our school participated in the event, sending the History Society committee members to design and host a booth game. Since the booth conveyed rich historical knowledge, it was favoured by the judges and awarded the Best Historical Content Award.
  • In the 52nd Joint School Science Exhibition, our school stood out from more than 20 teams and attained the overall first runner-up with an innovative railway reminder system called "Teet Tat Lay". Lam Yik Hei (5C) was awarded the title "Best Presenter". Also, our school successfully defended title and won "Most Popular Booth" for 5 consecutive years.


  • On May 16th (Thursday), all teachers attended the Catholic School Teachers' Day 2019 hosted by the Catholic Education Office. The theme was "Let children come to me!".
  • Our school team won two awards in the Inter-School Table Tennis Competition (Hong Kong Island). We were the overall first runner-up and the second runner-up in C Grade.
  • The "Diamond Life" parent workshop cum parent-child barbecue event sponsored by the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation and co-organised by the Whole Person Education Foundation and our school was held in the afternoon of 1st December. After the talk, the Parent-Teacher Association arranged a barbecue party, allowing everyone to communicate and interact with each other in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Celebration of the return of the "Hing Yik Bridge": The "Hing Yik Bridge", which has been standing on Chai Wan Road for more than 40 years, was closed due to a traffic accident in 2018. Thanks to the cooperation of enthusiastic alumni, government departments and our school, the reconstruction of the footbridge was completed at the end of August. The Old Boys' Association held a special celebration with our school on 11th October for the return of the "Hing Yik Bridge".
  • Macau Pilgrimage and Religious Culture Tour 2019 - Let's take a look: Thirty-three teachers and students from our school went to Macau from 27th to 29th December embarking on a three-day and two-night pilgrimage and religious cultural journey.


  • Members of our school sodalities participated in the joint school online workshop "Action Song" organised by Salesian Youth Ministry Office from 3rd to 4th August. It is hoped that students will share the information they have learned with their schoolmates.
  • Alumnus Mr. Ho Kay Yui donated $400,000 to enhance classroom computer equipment. The Computer Administration Team designed suitable computer desks and followed up the project during the summer.
  • In the 2019-20 school year, our school participated in the "Student Ambassador for Privacy Protection Programme-School Partner Recognition Scheme 2019" co-organized by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data of Hong Kong and Good Morning CLASS. The programme aimed to use different activities to remind students to prevent cyberbullying and the importance of personal data privacy. Our school was awarded "2019-2020 School Partner-Silver Medal" for our satisfactory performance.
  • Our school was one of the 50 selected schools in the 1st RoboMaster Youth Tournament. The RoboMaster team of our school needed to assemble hundreds of parts into 3 DJI RoboMasters robots and control the robots by programming. They also had to use aerial cameras to participate in the competition to deal with the enemy's attack. It was really a competition of wit, strength and unity. In the process, the seniors organized and led the juniors to participate in the competition, reflecting the spirit of Salesian youths - let the young lead the young! The RoboMaster Youth Tournament would be tentatively scheduled for the end of November.
  • The annual PTA membership meeting was held in the afternoon of 31st October (Saturday). It was an unprecedented live broadcast of the membership meeting via Youtube on that day. Even if it was affected by the pandemic, the participation of members was not reduced. In addition to passing the 20th PTA annual report and financial report, the new Parent Executive members of the Standing Committee were also elected through the eClass voting system.
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