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Publish DateNo.TitleCategory
2018-04-1817/18-65School Circular for May (F.1)General
2018-04-1817/18-66School Circular for May (F.2)General
2018-04-1817/18-67School Circular for May (F.3)General
2018-04-1817/18-68School Circular for May (F.4)General
2018-04-1817/18-69School Circular for May (F.5)General
2018-03-2817/18-57School Circular for April (F.1)General
2018-03-2817/18-58School Circular for April (F.2)General
2018-03-2817/18-59School Circular for April (F.3)General
2018-03-2817/18-60School Circular for April (F.4)General
2018-03-2817/18-61School Circular for April (F.5)General
2018-02-26RG_S1Revision guide for Second Term Exam_S1General
2018-02-26RG_S2Revision guide for Second Term Exam_S2General
2018-02-26RG_S3Revision guide for Second Term Exam_S3General
2018-02-262nd_TTb2017-18 第二段考 (Second Term Examination)_TTbGeneral
2018-02-2617/18-53School Circular for March (F.1-F.2)General
2018-02-2617/18-54School Circular for March (F.3)General
2018-02-2617/18-55School Circular for March (F.4-F.5)General
2018-01-102018 F6_Mock Exam2018 Mock Exam F6TTbGeneral
2018-01-1017/18-52F.6 Mock Examination and Arrangement for students to school during study leave periodGeneral
2017-12-2017/18-51School Circular for January (F.1-F.6)General
2017-11-2917/18-44School Circular for December (F.1 & F.2)General
2017-11-2917/18-45School Circular for December (F.3)General
2017-11-2917/18-46School Circular for December (F.4)General
2017-11-2917/18-47School Circular for December (F.5)General
2017-11-2917/18-48School Circular for December (F.6)General
2017-11-02First Term ExamS1第一段考 201718 溫習大綱 S1General
2017-11-02First Term ExamS2第一段考 201718 溫習大綱 S2General
2017-11-02First Term ExamS3第一段考 201718 溫習大綱 S3General
2017-11-0117/18-41November School Circular (F.1-F.3)General
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