National Youth Fin Swimming U Series (Wuzhou) Competition
2023-07-31 To 08-01
Location : Guangxi Wuzhou Swimming Diving Hall
Leader : Hong Kong China Underwater Association Limited
Category : Academic

In the 2023 National Youth Fin swimming U Series (Wuzhou) Competition and National Secondary School Students Fin swimming League, Cheng Pui Hong Jack from 5D represented Hong Kong, China, and won bronze medals in the 100m and 50m competitions. He also emerged victorious in the 50-meter fin swimming competition and set a new record for Hong Kong youth.

This competition brought together the finest young fin swimmers from across the country, who competed fiercely. Jack's exceptional performance brought pride to everyone. In the 100-meter fin swimming competition, he secured the bronze medal with superb technique and excellent endurance. In the 50-meter fin swimming competition, he not only clinched the bronze medal but also broke the Hong Kong youth record, which serves as a remarkable recognition of his dedication and determination.

Mr. Yuen Wai Hang Ringo, Jack's coach, is an outstanding mentor with numerous records in Hong Kong. He was appointed as this year's sports ambassador by the Olympic Committee. Mr. Yuen's professional knowledge, extensive experience, and unwavering support and encouragement undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for Jack to achieve remarkable results in the competition.

We take great pride in Jack's accomplishments. His performance is a testament to the potential and talent of the Salesian English School students and Hong Kong, China in the field of sports. We hope that he will continue to achieve further success in future competitions.

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