Mission and Policy


  1. To develop students' dynamic potential and to enhance self-confidence and esteem.
  2. To boost communication between students and teachers and to nurture a strong sense of belonging to school.
  3. To promote character education, to diversify learning experience outside the classroom, to broaden one’s horizon and to encourage community service.
  4. To support students in developing potential and to enhance their knowledge and proficiency.
  5. To foster interests and expertise, to enhance aptitude for sports and arts.
  6. To encourage students to cultivate the practice of life-wide learning and life-long learning.

ECA Policies

  1. Activity groups' regular meetings are held on Fridays.
  2. Religious activities are held Wednesday afterschool. Students who are not participating are not permitted to stay afterschool.
  3. Students are required to join in activity group (at least one and not exceeding two, including but not limited to Sodalities). Free choice is given to Form 6 students whether to join in or not.
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